Etiquette 101: How do we let our guests know where we are registered?

Somewhere, somehow, gift giving became yet another tradition in the wedding world. As a guest you are expected to give a gift when attending a wedding and as a couple you expect guests to bring a gift as well. So, as a guest how do you know where a couple is registered? Or. on the other side of it, how do you let your guests know where you want them to shop?

First, it is thought of as improper to list your registry information on your actual wedding invitation. A wedding invitation should be about celebrating your upcoming marriage, not about listing where people should buy you gifts.

Before we got technologically savvy, the way to let your guests know was the old fashioned; word of mouth! Your close family and friends all knew where you were registered, spread the word and slowly all of your guests knew where and what to buy you! These days, the best way to inform your guests of where you are registered is to make a wedding website. Websites like Wedding Wire allow you to create one for free in minutes! Besides sharing where you are registered, it also allows you to tell your story and provide crucial information about your wedding with your guests. Wedding websites allow your guests to become more interactive with your wedding, all while sharing your registry location in proper etiquette.

Another way to share where you are registered, is in your bridal shower invitations. Whether your mom or maid of honor is hosting your shower, it is considered proper etiquette to list your registry information on these invitations. A bridal shower is considered to be a “shower” of gifts after all isn’t it?

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