6 Fun & Unique Guest Book Ideas!

Think you’ve seen all the unique wedding guest book ideas there are to be seen? Well think again because we’ve got six fabulous wedding guest book alternatives that are super unique and fun too! So throw out the traditional guest book and check out our ideas for how to spice up the occasion for you and your guests! From fun and laid back to sentimental mementos, we’ve got something for every Newport bride and groom!

dirty laundry guest book

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1. The Dirty Laundry — Love sharing stories or learning new things about each other? Then, the dirty laundry guest book is a perfectly hilarious way to have guests share their stories too. Simple have guests write their name and a short story on the clothing-shaped cutouts and hand on the clothes line. If sharing your dirty laundry isn’t your thing, then have guests share sweet stories about the two of you from over the years. Either way, guests will feel like they are included and are truly sharing in your day in a unique, personal and special way!

creative guest book

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2. The Photo Display — Looking for a creative way to display your guest book in your home? If so, then we are personally big fans of this unique, hand-made frame. Include photos from your engagement or your favorite couple photos and have guests sign around the photos. We love this idea because it is personal and offers a unique way to display your guest book without it being boring or redundant. This one is truly creative, fun, and stylish too! If a rustic look isn’t your thing, you can get crafty and design a look that is perfect for your style too!

library card guest book

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3. The Traditional (with a twist) — Traditionally, couple’s would always have guests sign their names in a book or on a pieces of paper. This alternative guest book plays on that idea, but trows in a fun twist by using library cards. This guest book idea is great because it takes a traditional idea and gives it a modern spin. The best part about this idea is that you can personalize it with ease by incorporating your own theme and/or personality. We really like the idea of using recipe cards or ticket stubs in exchange for the vintage library cards!

calendar wedding guest book

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4. The Calendar — Terrible with birthdays? Love practical uses for your wedding decor? Then the calendar guest book is one of our favorites! Simple choose a calendar or design your own and have guest sign on the day of their birthday. This is a fun way to ensure that you have a fun wedding memento, a cute calendar for the year, and a handy way for remember the birthdays of all your friends and family! Another idea we love that plays into this theme is to use a Bible or book. In this case, have guests highlight their favorite verse or quote and sign next to it. Both of these are personal and great resources too!

paint guest book

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5. The Paint By Number — Remember those paint by number sets from when you were a kid? This wedding guest book alternative plays on that concept in a really fun way! Have a design sketched out with sectioned off area for guests to paint. Each guest gets one square to fill in with their own design and their name. Or, if you want to have the artwork only, assign guests a number as they arrive and have a book that list the guest’s name with the corresponding number! This idea is fun because the possibilities are endless for creativity and unique themes!

graffiti guest book

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6. The Graffiti Trick — If you really want to get creative with your guest book, then we suggest an awesome graffiti-inspired guest book. Provide a canvas, a sheet, etc. and let guests express themselves and have fun while doing it! We love this idea because it is offbeat, unique, and can be taken in many directions! If you think a graffiti book fits yours style perfect, then pick out paint colors you like and let your guests go crazy! With this one, everyone will have fun signing your guest book!

We hope you enjoyed our top eight favorites for alternative guest books and that we got your creative side flowing! We can’t get enough of fun inspiration and unique wedding ideas, so share your alternative guest book ideas with us; we love anything from wild and wacky to a fresh approach to an old wedding tradition!

Until next time, happy planning!

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