Things We Love: Photo Booth Props

If you’ve been to a wedding or two in the past couple of years or seen pictures from a friend’s fete on Facebook recently you’ve probably noticed a new trend: the use of photo booths.

Whether set up to snap the quirky and cute (think moustaches and silly props) or the fiercely fabulous (umm Vogue anyone?), these creative party additions are always a hit!

A quick Google search of “wedding photo booth props” netted hundreds of links, but we especially like the kitschiness of old timey moustaches and Betty Boop-like lips that can be held to the faces of some of your more comical (and brave) guests. Such items, along with cute “Mr. and Mrs.” Props can be purchased from from The Little Retreat Etsy Shop and Party Goodies Etsy Shop or even made by hand. If your wedding falls near or on a holiday, such as around Christmas or New Year’s, why not incorporate reindeer antlers, mistletoe or party poppers into the mix?

There are companies out there that will bring the booth to you such as ShutterBooth, but be sure to ask your photographer if they could set something up using a colorful/cute/interesting sheet or background appropriate to your personality and event. Then all you need is someone to click away!

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