11 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer


When planning your big day, don’t be surprised if you get so frustrated with the long list of things to do that you end up forgetting something.

If you are meeting with a potential wedding photographer, but you simultaneously have a wedding cake tasting and shoe fittings on your mind, something is bound to slip. You might overlook an important point, and you might be forced to handle a crisis on the day.

To help you avoid that, here are the 11 most important questions to ask your potential photographer:

Will you be the one shooting the wedding?

Sometimes, the person you meet is not the person who will actually be there on the day. If another photographer is lined up to do your shoot, make sure you get a chance to meet them in person as well. To capture the essence of your special day and get the best shots, it’s very important to click with your wedding photographer.

Will you be working on other weddings on the same day?

Some photographers book more than one wedding on the same day and have their assistants take over once they leave your venue. If this is the case, again, make sure you meet everyone involved in your wedding photo shoots.

Have you ever shot our venue?

If a photographer has already worked with a venue, it will be much easier for them to know where the best lighting and angles are. But if not, they may need some time to prep. That’s why its important to work with an experienced wedding photographer, since more seasoned professionals usually need only a bit of time to explore the venue and determine where to shoot what. If you have the right person for the job, not having worked with a venue before should not be a deterring factor.

Do you shoot with digital or film cameras?

If you have a preference, make sure you discuss this point as early on as possible. If not, you can let the photographer run you through the benefits of both styles and show you some of their previous work via both mediums. That way, you will have plenty of information to make an informed decision, and you can choose which you prefer, or go for both.

Do you blend in or stand out at the wedding?

Some photographers prefer to remain as stealthy as possible and shoot without drawing too much attention to themselves, while others are louder and like to dictate what kinds of poses and facial expressions they want to shoot. Both of these methods work well, but if you would not like your photographer to keep interrupting your guests so they can shoot pictures, go for someone more low-key.

What is included in your package, and what extras are available?

Most photographers offer a standard package of x photos or x hours of shooting. If you are looking for something more, make sure you know how much that would cost and whether the photographer can even fit the extras into their schedule.

Do you retouch your photos?

While most wedding photos are retouched to a certain extent, you most likely don’t want someone who will change the way you look completely. Make sure you see some before and after shots from various weddings before you commit to a photographer.

When can we expect to see the finished images?

To avoid misunderstandings and frustration, you’ll want to be clear on when you will have access to your wedding photos. Plus, you should also make sure you know whether they will be coming in albums or in digital format only, and whether they will be available online to share with your guests.

What is your cancellation policy?

Planning for the unexpected is always advisable. Make sure you know how far in advance you need to cancel your photographer’s services in case complications arise and you need to move your wedding date.

What happens if you can’t make it to the wedding?

The photographer should have a backup plan as well, in case they can’t make it to the wedding. You don’t want to be left with no photographer on hand, so make sure you know what their plan B is.

How will you be dressed?

If you have a specific dress code for the wedding, you can ask your photographer to blend in as much as possible, instead of standing out in a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. Don’t be too restrictive, though: a tux is a tux.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, these questions will help you find the photographer of your dreams. Pencil them in and go over each one to help you make sure you find someone who will capture your wedding day perfectly. After all, it’s about entrusting someone to capture memories for a lifetime.

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